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Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is a Shea Homes master planned community that, when completed, will have over 1,300 homes. We have walking trails, a butterfly habitat, the Monarch Dunes Golf Club with two golf courses, the Butterfly Grille restaurant, and a Clubhouse complex. The Clubhouse complex includes gym, pool, jacuzzi, spa, function rooms, Adelina’s Bistro, The Market Place, tennis courts, pickleball courts, bocce facilities, an arts and crafts building, and a central mailroom. USPS does not deliver directly to Monarch Dunes homes but each homeowner has a mailbox in the central mailroom for normal mail delivery and pickup.  Download Trilogy Monarch Dunes Mail Policies for more information.


The community has three homeowner associations (HOAs):

  • The Woodlands Master Association (WMA) which is responsible for all common areas of our community including the parkways, trails, Monarch butterfly habitat, and the commercial properties within the community

  • The Central Coast Management Association (CCMA) which is responsible for the Clubhouse complex and front lawn maintenance of homeowner properties

  • The Monarch Ridge Townhomes Association (MRTA) which is responsible for  townhome maintenance

See Monarch Dunes Website  for links to events, broadcasts, bulletins, and information on clubs, committees and hours of operation.

Your Home

Most Monarch Dunes homes have solar panels on the roof. Most solar installations have been installed by Solar City which is now part of Tesla. You can monitor your solar usage by downloading an app to your smart phone. Some newer homes may use other solar vendors, so check with your Customer Service rep to confirm.


If your home is within the two-year warranty period, you have access to Shea Homes service people who are helpful and will resolve most issues at no cost to you if related to the home construction. Shea Homes will also respond to inquiries related to construction defects for a longer period as required by California law.


The water here is extremely hard so you may want to pay for water softening. The local water company (Woodlands Mutual Water Company) does not permit the use of in-home regenerative water softeners so the only option is to pay for a softener tank service or garage installed filtration system. Some suggested sources are:

  • Culligan (805-238-3815) – Provide initial tank installation and monthly service

  • Rayne (805-925-6555) – Provide initial tank installation and monthly service

Many homeowners will also install Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems to remove the excess sodium that is in the soft water that comes from the tanks and to improve the taste of the water. Some suggested sources for RO systems are:

  • Richetti (805-928-4052) – Provide installation and service.

  • 5 Cities Water (805-481-9635) – Provide installation and service.


There are also whole-house water conditioning systems that improve the taste of the hard water and filter out minerals, but do not produce soft water. Suggested sources are:

  • Life Source (805-238-3815) – Provide installation and service

  • Aquasana (866-662-6885) – (requires professional installation); visit


We have prepared a list of Important Local Contact Numbers which we suggest you download and print for future reference.  ​

Part of moving into your new home should include security and preparedness. Please go to the Security and Preparedness pages on this website for a wealth of suggestions on what you can do to better secure your home and prepare for a major disaster when it occurs.

Information for First Responders​

​The county uses Smart911. Smart911 allows you to put in information for first responders (family members, contact and medical information). Smart911 is available as an app that you can download to your smartphone. You can also register your home phone at Smart911 signup

​Disaster Notification

​In the case of an emergency (not that we have had any) the county will call all landlines. You can get emergency information sent to your mobile phone by signing up at: SLO Sheriff Website Reverse 911

Air Quality

​​Nipomo is near the Oceano Dunes which, when the wind picks up, can affect air quality. Air quality can change quickly throughout the day. If you are concerned about air quality you can check the SLO County Nipomo Mesa EPA monitors through air quality online and sign up at APCD AirAware to get air quality alerts via your mobile phone. Monitors update hourly.


You can also check air quality in Trilogy through a free mobile app. See Trilogy / Nipomo Air Quality. It tracks official EPA stations as well as private 3rd party monitors. It allows you to get 5-minute updates in Trilogy, and you can set alerts for specific locations.

Senior Services

Senior Information Guide from the Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens provides a list of services available to seniors including healthcare, Medicare information and counseling, meal delivery, caregiver services, legal, elder abuse, mental health, and transportation among others.


​If you have not lived in rural areas before, you should be aware that Coyotes are a part of our community. Coyotes do not usually bother people. They generally hunt at dawn and dusk so you should be careful about leaving your pets outdoors at those times. Below is a list of plants that attract coyotes; you may want to consult this list when you are doing your exterior landscaping

Plants That Attract Coyotes

  Common Name (Scientific Name)

  Indian laurel fig  (Ficus microcarpa var. nitida)

  Ornamental strawberry  (Fragaria chiloensi)

  Date palm  (Phoenix dactylifera)

  Passion fruit, Passion vine  (Passiflora spp.)

  Lychee  (Litchi chinensis)

  Sugar bush  (Rhus ovata)

  Strawberry bush  (Euonymus americanus)

  Strawberry tree  (Arbutus unedo)

  Jujube or Chinese date (Ziziphus jujuba)

  Brush cherries  (Eugenia spp.)

  Elderberry  (Sambucus spp.)

  Avocado  (Persea americana)

  Fig  (Ficus caric a)

  Guava  (Psidium guajava)

  Loquat  (Eriobotrya japonica)


You can also find important information about handling coyote contacts at the following links.

Coyote Hazing Techniques

Coyote Hazing Brochure

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