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Be prepared for loss of public services

Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is part of unincorporated SLO County and falls under Cal Fire, SLO County Office of Emergency Services (OES), and State OES offices during local and regional disasters. These organizations, as well as law enforcement, have advised us that we should be prepared to operate independently as a community and individually for a minimum of three days and possibly longer in case of a disaster. 

The site was developed by your neighbors in Trilogy. Material in the following sections has been grouped into Home Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness. Home Emergency links address at-home survival issues related to fire, gas, electricity, water and other issues. Disaster Preparedness links cover preparing for a major disaster where you have to shelter-in-place or evacuate. 

Home Fire Risk

Water Leaks and Emergency Water Supplies

Gas Leaks and Emergency Supplies

Electric Power Outages and Backup Options

Wildfire Risk

Know What to Do During/After an Earthquake

Disaster and Emergency Notifications

Family Emergency Plan

Emergency Kits and Go-bags

Program to help neighbors preparing and work together during a disaster.

FAQs (2020-02-05 Preparedness Q&A with links)

These FAQ’s were presented by TSPC to county emergency response organizations. It covers a wide range of issues raised by Monarch Dunes residents. We used these questions and recommendations by government disaster organizations to structure these web pages.

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