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 Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is a program designed to help neighbors organize into groups that can work together during an emergency or disaster. The program addresses issues such as where you can get tools to shut off gas and water to signing up for emergency notifications and preparing for a long term emergency or disaster. Neighborhood groups typically have one or two people who act as preparedness coordinators to help set up the group and check on people during a disaster.   

Neighbors Helping Neighbors was developed by your neighbors. It is based on a national program that has been tailored for use in Trilogy. The information below outlines the program. Each neighborhood group decides what areas they want to address. The TSPC team is available to support coordinators in presenting material and setting up neighborhood groups.

Preparedness Support Material

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The Neighbors Helping Neighbors presentation and support material below can be used to set up your local neighborhood group. TSPC is available to help you set up your group. Let us know what you need on our contact page. 

NHN Support Matterial

Important Links


San Luis Obispo Reverse 911

Santa Barbara Reverse 911

Current Emergency Status:

Emergency Radio Stations

  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - 1610 AM

    920 AM

  1400 AM

   98.1 FM

SLO County social media




Pet Evacuation Information: 

Product Links

The following items have been given positive reviews by consumers. Treat this as a starting point. TSPC does not endorse any specific product. Please review and decide for yourself.

Emergency Survival Kits

SOS Products Emergency Survival Kits 

Red Cross Survival Kits

Amazon Links

Solar Phone Chargers 

Emergency Radios - Some emergency radios provide solar phone charging; make sure the charger is compatible with your phone.

Type S Jump Starter and Power Bank - Car jump starter. Some models also charge electronics.

First Aid Survival Kits 

Emergency Portable Water Container - Plan for 1 gallon of water per person per day and  SLO country recommends water for 7 days. Trilogy should have water for 5 days provided people turn off their outside watering.

Emergency Blankets

Emergency Sleeping bags

Emergency Food Supplies 


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