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Neighborhood Watch

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Neighbors watching out for neighbors is one of the best ways to discourage crime in a community

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Common Questions

The Trilogy at Monarch Dunes Neighborhood Watch (NW) program currently covers roughly 500 homes spread across 20+ watch groups. 

Take personal responsibility for your security and preparedness. Secure your home (go to the Security page), prepare for major emergencies (go to the Preparedness page), and participate in a Neighborhood Watch group. NW teaches you to recognize what is normal and what is suspicious behavior. It strengthens your relationship with your neighbors by promoting common security interests. 

Sheriff's Neighborhood Watch Meeting August 24, 2021

Sheriff's Neighborhood Watch Presentation​

SLO Sheriff's Website Links

SLO County Important Numbers

SLO County Neighborhood Watch Contact

Neighborhood Watch Sections

See Something - Say Something

Common Questions

Neighborhood Watch Groups

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See Something – Say Something

  • Call 911 if it is a life-threatening situation or if you need the Police or Fire Department or an ambulance immediately

  • Protect yourself by checking the identification of anyone seeking entry to your home before admitting them. If unsure, JUST SAY NO

  • Be aware of suspicious activity and do not hesitate to call the Sheriff. Suspicious activity is an occurrence that is out of place for your neighborhood. Your role as a concerned citizen and good neighbor is to report whatever you think is wrong or suspicious

Watch for:

  • Persons loitering

  • A scream

  • A person being forced into a car

  • A stranger entering or exiting your neighbor’s house or garage

  • A beam from a flashlight in a neighbor’s home

  • The sound of breaking glass or loud noises

  • Open or broken doors or windows

  • Anyone peering into parked cars

  • Answer door and person asks a stupid question

  • Person going door-to-door with offers of merchandise at low prices

  • Someone going door-to-door, if after a few houses are visited, one or more persons tries to open a door, looks into a window, or goes into a back or side yard

  • Persons taking a short cut through a back yard

  • Unknown parked vehicles, especially occupied with people you don’t know, or don’t seem to belong there

  • Vehicles moving slowly and without lights and/or circling your block numerous times

  • Person running who does not appear to be exercising, especially if carrying anything

  • Persons casually walking through the neighborhood looking into cars, backyards, etc.

  • Abandoned vehicles parked on the block

Call the Sheriff (805-781-4550 Opt. 3) when you see something suspicious   

“It is also important that you be able to contact your neighbors quickly should you see something unusual occurring. Click here (Using your NW roster effectively) to see how you can use your Neighborhood Watch roster information more effectively”   

Common Questions

IF … you want to know the status of Neighborhood Watch on your street, and/or be added to our email distribution list

Then go to the Contact page, select the Neighborhood Watch topic then enter a short message with your request and street address. We will get back to you

IF… you want to know how to set up a Neighborhood Watch

Then go to Setting Up A Neighborhood Watch

IF…  your Neighborhood Watch group has not had a Sheriff’s crime prevention presentation in the last several years (there are important new tools available to you)

Then contact the SLO Sheriff crime prevention specialists:

Grace Norris (805-781-4483), 

Brandy Swain (805-781-4578),

and request they talk to your group 

IF…you are a Neighborhood Watch captain and would like to have a private web page for your group

Then go to the Contact page, select the Neighborhood Watch topic then enter a short message with your request and street address. We will get back to you

IF…you would like contact information for law enforcement, hospitals, our Homeowner Associations, community services, and utility companies

Then go to Important Local Contact Numbers and download the file

IF…you are new to Trilogy at Monarch Dunes and would like some helpful information about the community

Then go to New to Trilogy at Monarch Dunes

MD Watch Groups

Monarch Dunes Neighborhood Watch Groups

The following lists some of the current Monarch Dunes Neighborhood Watch groups and the link to their private portals, where applicable. These portals are password protected and specific to each Neighborhood Watch group.


Joining or Contacting a Neighborhood Watch Group - Go to the Contact page, select the Neighborhood Watch, enter Neighborhood Watch name and you will be contacted.

Via Vista Highlands

Location: Via Vista Way to Kingston Dr to Kari Ln, Jenney Ct, Korey Ct, Janney Ct, Bradford Ln, Dannielle Ct 

Bella Vista Friends

Vines subgroup: Trail View Pl to and including Bailey Ct

Sunset subgroup:  Eucalyptus Road from Bella Vista Park to Via Concha

Hills subgroup: Eucalyptus Rd from Trail View Pl to Bella Vista Park, including Penelope Ct  


Mesa 11

Location: Mesa Rd – Via Vista to Trilogy Pkwy.


Trail View Pl at Mesa

Location: Trail View Pl – Mesa Rd halfway to Andrew Ct/Susan.


East-West Trail View Pl

Location: Trail View Pl – Street addresses 1115 to 1154.


Northwood Golf Old Course 5-6-7

Location: Nathan Way, Anna Circle, Albert Way, Tag Court and adjacent homes on Northwood 


Saltillo Way

Location: Saltillo Way – Mesa Rd to Vicki Ln + 2 line of sight homes


D.E.P.T.H. / West Trail View Pl

Trail View Pl – Trail View Place from Via Concha to and including AJ Lane and Miles, including Gracie Lane and Gavin Lane

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