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Trilogy at Monarch Dunes is part of unincorporated SLO County and falls under the responsibility of the SLO County Sheriff’s office and California Highway Patrol (CHP).


The Sheriff’s departmentSLO Sheriff websiteFor non-emergencies, call (805) 781-4550 (Option 3).

CHP: Traffic regulation enforcement, accident, and stolen vehicle investigation on public roads: SLO CHP website. For non-emergencies, call (805) 593-3333.


First Things

  • Smart911 – SLO County uses Smart911 to provide critical information for first responders about household members, pets, medical issues, and medications. Register your home and mobile phones at the link above or through the Smart911 mobile app. If you use the mobile app with location tracking enabled, responders can easily find you when you call from your mobile phone.  

  • Reverse 911, San Luis Obispo County In the case of an emergency the county will call all landlines. You can register online to get text notifications sent to your mobile phones.

  • Reverse 911, Santa Barbara County We are close to Santa Barbara County. If you work  or spend time in Santa Barbara County you can register your mobile phones to get alerts for specific locations. 

Trilogy Neighborhood Watch Groups: Neighborhood Watch Page  

County, Trilogy and Utility Contact Numbers

Alerts, Crime Reporting, Crime Maps, Medical Incidents


  • Sheriff Incident Report Use this online portal to report lost property, suspicious activity, harassing phone calls, vandalism, petty theft, bicycle theft and graffiti.

  • CHP Incident Report – Use this online portal to report vehicle related incidents including traffic issues, accidents, and stolen vehicles.​

  • Sheriff Incident Map – This web site shows fire, medical and sheriff incident locations by date.  You can tailor the site to show only specific types of incidents. Updates are delayed so you cannot see active calls.

  • PulsePoint – PulsePoint has two mobile apps. One app provides real time emergency medical incident information. The type of emergency and the location of the emergency are shown on a local map. The other app shows locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Users who are trained in CPR and are willing to assist in an emergency can use medical emergency app to get alerts when someone near them is having a cardiac emergency so they can provide medical assistance until First Responders can arrive.


There is an AED in the Monarch Club and other nearby AED’s are located at the Blacklake Golf Course Pro shop, Dorothea Lange Elementary, Dana Elementary and Nipomo Library.

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